Rep. Louie Gohmert tests positive for COVID-19

U.S. Attorney General William Barr to be tested for coronavirus

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, Who Resisted Wearing Mask, Tests Positive For COVID-19 : Coronavirus Live Updates

A Republican politician who made a habit of walking around Congress without a mask tested positive for the coronavirus as he prepared to leave for his native Texas with President Donald Trump.

Gohmert claimed he would later quarantine from home for ten days, per advice from the office of the attending physician to Congress, Dr. Brian Monahan.

Stricter rules are to be brought in for members of the US Congress on the wearing of face masks, after a Republican member tested positive for coronavirus.

Gohmert was seen on Tuesday not wearing his mask and in close proximity to other lawmakers during a House Judiciary Committee hearing involving Attorney General William Barr.

In a new video statement, he suggested he may have caught the virus after contaminating his mask with some of the virus.

What the Gohmert aide describes may not be unusual on Capitol Hill, as Sherman reports that since publishing the aide's quotes, he's received "a flood of emails from Republican staffers who say they too are being forced to come to the Hill without a mask now". He blames the mask. I told him, "Mr. President, if you had not invited me to go with you to West Texas, I would never have known I had the coronavirus".

At least two House members have announced plans to self-quarantine due to contact with Gohmert.

Another committee Democrat, Washington Representative Pramila Jayapal, tweeted that lawmakers should "wear a damn mask!"

The number of lawmakers announcing that they were self-quarantining after exposure to Gohmert this week continued to grow on Thursday.

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The congressman's positive test raised further questions about the lack of mask and testing requirements in the Capitol as members frequently fly back and forth from their hometowns and gather for votes, hearings and news conferences.

"Members and staff will be required to wear masks in the halls of the House", Pelosi said during remarks on the House floor, adding that lawmakers can temporarily take off their masks when speaking.

Mask wearing had been strongly encouraged but not enforced for lawmakers in the Capitol, while other workers and law enforcement officers were required to wear masks.

Representatives Mario Diaz Balart (R., Fla.), Neal Dunn (R., Fla.), Morgan Griffith (R., Va.), Mike Kelly (R., Pa.), Ben McAdams (D., Utah) and Tom Rice (R., S.C.) have all previously tested positive for the virus, as has Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.). There is no proven science saying that a person can not get the virus again.

As recently as Tuesday, Gohmert participated in multiple committee hearings on Capitol Hill, at times without a mask.

After Gohmert tested positive, Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said Barr would be tested today.

Last month, he said he didn't need to wear one because he gets tested regularly so he knows he doesn't have the coronavirus.

Members and staff will not be allowed to enter if they don't wear masks.

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