Donald Trump Wants 2020 Election Delayed

Donald Trump calls for delay to 2020 US presidential election

Donald Trump Wants 2020 Election Delayed

Mail-in voting will make it "the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history".

Reminder: President Trump doesn't have the constitutional authority to delay the election.

Trump's tweet came just minutes after the government reported that the US economy shrank at a dizzying 32.9% annual rate in the April-June quarter, by far the worst quarterly plunge ever, as the coronavirus outbreak shut down businesses, threw tens of millions out of work and sent unemployment surging to 14.7%.

"But I also don't want to have to wait three months and then find out that the ballots are all missing, and the election doesn't mean anything". And that number could rise as a growing number of states are expected to turn to mail-in ballots instead of in-person voting because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

President Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy online, but a Thursday tweet about the 2020 election and mail-in voting prompted swift pushback from Pennsylvania and Centre County leaders.

"Never in American history-not even during the Civil War and World War II-has there been a successful move to "Delay the Election" for President", said Beschloss, the author of ten books about American history. "Even beyond that, there's no accurate count!" he said. Without any major races on the ballot, most candidates are expecting lower turnout with the possible exception of Cranston, which has both a Democratic and Republican mayoral primary. No, he can not. Such a move must emanate from the US congress - which codified the dates for federal elections back in 1845.

Presidential elections are scheduled by law to take place on the first Tuesday after November 1, which this year is the 3rd. Rubio added that people "should have confidence in it".

Seeking his second consecutive term, Trump is facing a formidable challenge from Democratic nominee and former vice president Joe Biden, who, according to major national polls, is leading in double digits.

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Trump has previously claimed that mail-in voting will lead to fraud.

A spokesman for the Trump reelection campaign, Hogan Gidley, explained that the president "is just raising a question about the chaos Democrats have created with their insistence on all mail-in voting". Other states are sending out millions and millions of ballots.

"The president of the United States floating the idea of delaying the elections ... that's a pretty stunning thing to say from the White House", commented NBC News.

"I have to see", he told interviewer Chris Wallace.

During primary elections, some states had difficulty finding workers for Election Day.

Given the virus' threat, there are widespread doubts over how many people will come out to vote and whether sufficient volunteers can be found to staff the polling stations.

Tens of millions of Americans have been left unemployed by the coronavirus crisis, with 14.7% now without a job.

For the general election, California has already announced plans to send ballots to all registered voters and to also have in-person voting. The last time this happened was in 1860, when SC chose its electors to the Electoral College through its state legislature. "No way should we ever not hold our election on the day that we have it", McCarthy told CNN. Republicans, who historically have had an advantage in vote-by-mail balloting in Florida, have submitted 348,608 ballots. Mario Ritter, Jr. was the editor.

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