Tenet and The Conjuring 3 Pushed Back by Warner Bros

Tenet More

Tenet More

While most studios have postponed their major movies into late 2020 or 2021 and beyond, Nolan has high hopes that "Tenet" can usher audiences back to theaters, which have been closed since March to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich said. Unfortunately, the pandemic continues to proliferate, causing us to reevaluate our release dates.

Tenet, which had been set to be the first big movie released in reopened theaters, has yet again been delayed. It was initially due for release on July 17, then altered to July 31, and later on toAug 12.

But New York city movie theaters, and those in Los Angeles - the 2 greatest markets in the United States - still do not have the thumbs-up from city authorities to resume as coronavirus cases and deaths have actually surged once again.

Emmerich also announced that The Conjuring 3 is moving from September 11 to June 4, 2021.

We won't be getting to see Tenet for a long time.

By the sounds of it a new release date for Tenet is just around the corner.

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"Tenet", a thriller about an agency trying to ward off World War III, combines the big-budget spectacle and inventive storytelling that have made Nolan one of Hollywood's most sought-after directors.

The science-fiction thriller from "The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan no longer has a release date in the USA, and the studio won't treat the film like a "traditional global day-and-date release", it said in a statement Monday.

The movie theater service has actually been ravaged by the coronavirus shutdowns, laying off 10s of countless staff members and loaning funds to survive. It's a hard dilemma for Warner Bros: forego a theatrical release in China and lose out on a major global market, or risk displeasing their star filmmaker by cutting the film for China's theaters?

"From "Memento" to "Inception" to Dunkirk" by way of the Batman "Dark Knight" trilogy, the creative British filmmaker has carved out a singular niche on the industry. Now, insiders at Warner Bros. say they could more forward in select US cities where public health and government officials deem it safe.

Warner Bros intend for Tenet to spend a good while showing in cinemas, as Nolan is a big supporter of the big screen.

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