NFL, NFLPA discussing 'opt-out program' for the 2020 season

Jarran Reed

Report: NFL Considers Requiring Fans to Sign Coronavirus Waiver

Reducing preseason games already made it hard enough for those end of the roster guys to prove they belong, but it seems that many of them won't even be on the camp roster to make any type of impression.

The NFLPA informed its board of player representatives that the league has proposed placing 35 percent of player salaries in escrow in order to help manage the expected revenue losses during the 2020 season and it has not been met with a warm response by players.

The NFL chose to shorten the preseason from four to two games last week in order to give players extra time to get into physical game shape. The NFLPA had not voted on that decision. "The NFLPA will do its part to advocate for player safety".

"The NFL is considering requiring fans attending games this season to sign liability waivers shielding the teams from COVID-19 lawsuits", Kaplan wrote on Wednesday (subscription required for link).

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Mr Trump's re-election campaign countered that the president had been at the forefront of the nation's coronavirus response. "I think you'll see that shortly".

This is just a recommendation, though, as the ultimate decision rests with the National Football League, as Florio explained in a separate report.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the league doesn't want to engage in a public dispute similar to the contentious discussions between Major League Baseball and its players' union. Pelissero reports the two sides "remain at odds" over testing and the number of preseason games.

Training camp is scheduled to begin July 28. "We will continue working together". Players could be fined for off-field actives that lead to the spread of the virus. It's promising that they are trying to get creative, but there just may be too many hurdles to get over for a season to be played. The league's engineers and sports equipment company tested prototypes for the masks but players shot it down.

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