China warns of suspected bubonic plague case in Inner Mongolia

In pics | Bubonic plague in China: Here's all you need to know

Bubonic plague alert in northern China: Symptoms, causes, precautions and vaccine

A herdsman contracted the disease and is being treated at a hospital in stable condition, the BBC reported, citing state reports.

Locations where health authorities in Mongolia and China reported cases of bubonic plague.

Bayannur authorities have issued a level-3 warning for plague prevention.

Health officials in the city of Bayannur have warned residents not to hunt, eat, or transport at-risk animals, including marmots. "The public should improve its self-protection awareness and ability, and report abnormal health conditions promptly", the statement reads.

Also referred to as the "Black Death", Bubonic Plague is a bacterial disease that causes the lymph nodes to become inflamed, tense and painful - and swell to nearly the size of a chicken's egg.

At the time, authorities headed off further cases by ramping up epidemic early-warning systems, medical screenings, and transportation inspections. A similar outbreak happened in Madagascar in 2017, which saw 300 cases and in which less than 30 people died.

A couple died of bubonic plague in the western Mongolian province of Bayan-Ulgii (1,600 km northwest of Bayannur) past year after eating raw marmot meat.

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According to World Health Organization, there is a Vaccine available for Bubonic Plague, which is safe and secure, unlike the ongoing COVID-19, which does not have a vaccine yet. Here's all you need to know about the deadly disease that has killed tens of millions of people throughout the course of history.

Humans can be infected by the bite of an infected flea, or by handling tissue of infected animals, or inhaling droplets from an infected animal.

As the New York Times reports, this incident follows two reports of pneumonic plague, also in Inner Mongolia, from November, and two deaths last May due to bubonic plague. Caused by the Yersinia pestis bacterium, it is transmitted by fleas that become infected by rodents and can infect humans.

China has gone weeks without reporting a new death from the coronavirus, and on Monday reported just one new case of local infection in the capital, Beijing. "We are also able to treat patients who are infected with effective antibiotics", Kappagoda added. It is caused by infected flea and can advance and spread to the lungs and lead to a more severe type of plague called pneumonic plague.

According to the CDC, even in the US, scientists believe that the plague exists in an enzootic cycle: it just there involves rodents and fleas.

Di name come from di symptoms e dey cause - painful, swollen lymph nodes or "buboes" for di groin or armpit.

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