Twitter slaps Trump tweet with 'manipulated media' label for the first

‘Racist baby’ video shared by Donald Trump flagged as ‘manipulated media’ by Twitter

Trump's NEW LOW - Retweeting MANIPULATED Video Of Children To Benefit His Campaign

Twitter in March used the "manipulated media" warning to mark a video of Biden shared by President Donald Trump.

A Twitter spokesperson cited its copyright policy and said the company responds to valid complaints from copyright owners or their authorized representatives.

"We hope and expect Twitter will take swift action to remove the video", Jukin Media said.

The footage came from a viral Facebook video shared in 2019 featuring real-life NY pals Maxwell and Finnegan, who have been 26 and 27 months old respectively at the time.

It goes on to show the real clip, where the two boys run together and hug.

Replying to Trump's bogus video, comedian Sarah Cooper - who has become enormously popular for her videos in which she lip-syncs to Trump's weird and often untrue statements - commented, "I guess complaining about fake news while sharing fake news about fake news is that next level 4D chess everyone's talking bout". No CNN logos or news graphics appear in this portion of the clip.

The social media site flagged a recent Trump tweet 'manipulated media, ' per its rule that forbids users to "deceptively promote synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm".

According to him, Trump was using the "manipulated" video to bolster his base. The function included footage from a viral video shared by one of many children' dads on Fb.

"CNN did cover this story - exactly as it happened", a tweet from CNN Communications read. "Just as we reported your positions on race (and poll numbers)", CNN wrote in an email to Insider. It led to headlines, like one on the CNN website a year ago - "These two toddlers are showing us what real-life besties look like".

‘Racist baby’ video shared by Donald Trump flagged as ‘manipulated media’ by Twitter
Twitter slaps Trump tweet with 'manipulated media' label for the first

"He was making a point about CNN specifically", McEnany said about the toddler video.

CNN journalists and various other media organisation which reported on the tweet flagged it as being fake.

An executive order, expected later Monday, will extend and widen the 60-day freeze Trump placed on new work permits for non-US citizens two months ago.

Tweets by President Trump have been marked before by Twitter but this is the first time he has had the "manipulated media" tag put on one of his tweets.

The White House has not hesitated to slam Twitter for intervening with Trump's tweets in the past.

A few days later, Twitter labelled as a glorification of violence a Trump tweet in which he said, "when the looting starts, the shooting starts".

President Donald Trump speaks during an event on police reform, in the Rose Garden of the White House, June 16, 2020, in Washington.

In response, the campaign claimed that the symbol represents Antifa, the left-wing activist group Trump has recently targeted.

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