‘Tremendous Sincerity’: Trump Mocks Mitt Romney for Joining Black Lives Matter Protest

Donald Trump mocked Mitt Romney's participation in George Floyd protests

Enlarge Image Donald Trump mocked Mitt Romney's participation in George Floyd protests Getty Images Reuters

President Trump sarcastically praised Senator Mitt Romney for joining a Black Lives Matter protest in Washington D.C.in a Sunday tweet, mocking him for his "tremendous sincerity". Romney, though, stuck with Republican senators in voting to acquit Trump on the second article of impeachment - obstruction of Congress. "And we need to stand up and say 'black lives matter, '" said Romney, who has a 52 percent approval rating in Utah.

Mitt Romney has become the first known Republican senator to march in protest against police mistreatment of minorities, turning out at a peaceful rally in Washington, DC.

As Romney was wrapping up the presidential nomination in March, he was also accused of bullying a gay kid in prep school and being an animal abuser.

He joined thousands of evangelicals in their march from Capitol Hill to the White House.

Also over the weekend, Romney tweeted a photo of his father during the late 1960s, who at the time was the governor of MI, marching with civil rights protesters.

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The episode followed almost a week of protests across the country that at times have turned violent over the killing of Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man who died while in police custody in Minneapolis. "'We must eliminate the problems from which they stem, '" he tweeted.

While Trump has tweeted multiple times about the need for "LAW AND ORDER" amid nationwide unrest, Romney has been outspoken about the death of Floyd, tweeting on May 28 that it "must not be in vain".

Romney's march came after a report he's won't back President Trump in November's election.

"No Americans should fear enmity and harm from those sworn to protect us", Romney tweeted last week.

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