Three Men Accused Of Murdering Ahmaud Arbery Indicted By Grand Jury

Arbery was shot and killed after the men confronted him, but no charges were filed in the immediate aftermath.

"We will continue to be intentional in the pursuit of justice for this family and the community at large as the prosecution of this case continues", said Holmes, the specially appointed prosecutor in the case. Arbery's parents pushed for legal action including the immediate arrests of the men connected to his death.

Arbery was shot and killed by Travis McMichael on February 23 in an incident that involved McMichael's father, Gregory, a retired police officer, and family friend William Bryan.

Retired police officer Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, who were visible on the video, were arrested on May 7.

Lawyers for the Mr McMichaels have cautioned against a rush to judgement and have said the full story will come out in court. His family said he was out for a jog, while the McMichaels said they thought he was a burglary suspect.

Bryan, who recorded the deadly encounter and is also the McMicahels' neighbor, was arrested two weeks later, after he initially attempted to distance himself from the shooting.

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However, arrests were made two days after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation took over the case from local authorities.

The three men also face two counts of aggravated assault and one count each of false imprisonment and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.

Nine counts, including murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment were laid against the three men.

The official indictment reads that the McMichaels and Bryan "did unlawfully, with malice aforethought, cause the death of Aumaud Arbery, a human being, by unlawfully chasing him through the public roadways of the Satilla Shores neighborhood in pickup trucks and shooting him with a shotgun". Bryan, who filmed the killing, was later charged, as well. An indictment that we never would have gotten if that video had not been released.

Kevin Gough, Bryan's lawyer, told reporters that the indictment was "an important step in the process to moving this case closer to the speedy trial that Roddie has demanded".

Holmes said she has been in contact with the U.S. Department of Justice, however, and that agency is still weighing federal hate crimes charges.

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