'Support bubbles' for single households - how the system will work

People In England Living Alone Can Create A 'Bubble' With Another Household From Weekend

Coronavirus: Single Parents & People Living Alone Can Now Form 'Support Bubble' With Another House

Boris Johnson announced new rules around "support bubbles".

He said: "From this weekend, we will allow single adult households - so adults living alone or single parents with children under 18 - to form a "support bubble" with one other household".

As the United Kingdom toll of coronavirus deaths confirmed by a test rose by another 245 to reach 41,128 yesterday, the PM said: 'There is a balance of risk to be struck and the issue for me is how far down you can get the incidence of disease.' He said 53,000 people have the virus at present and the R rate - how many others each infected person passes it to - is still just below one.

Adults living alone or single parents living with children under the age of 18.

- Zoos and safari parks are getting ready to welcome visitors after they were given the green light to open their doors from June 15 in the latest lockdown easing.

Boris Johnson has announced that people who live alone, and single parents with children, will be able to team up in a "bubble" with one other family.

This effectively means that couples living apart where one or both people live alone will be allowed to sleep together for the first time in months.

Mr Johnson said: "We are making this change to support those who are particularly lonely as a result of lockdown measures".

"It is not designed for those who do not qualify to start meeting inside people's homes, because that remains against the law", he explained.

But many people have taken to Twitter to criticise the plans which will allow adults living alone or single parents in England to mix with one other household.

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His wealth came largely from his Royal African Company , which transported around 100,000 slaves from Africa to the Americas . Previously, campaigners had gathered a petition of 11,000 signatures as part of an effort to have the statue removed.

But the revised restrictions are just for those who live solo.

But the two households must be exclusive to each other and can't change their minds - so flatsharers might find themselves having to decide which of them can be joined by their lover.

A child spending time between both their parents' homes is already a member of two households.

And who does it apply to?

If you are not eligible to form a bubble, you can still only see up to five people outdoors, keeping 2 metres apart.

Boris Johnson, the last man in the world that anyone wants to listen to talking about sex, delivered the news at the 33-second mark below, without mentioning "sex" specifically, for which we are very grateful.

The British Beer and Pub Association said the rule meant only a third of England's pubs will be able to reopen when given permission to do so - on July 4 at the earliest - with up to 25,000 left wondering when, if ever, they will be able to serve drinkers.

At this stage only if their son or daughter is the only adult in the other household in the bubble.

What happens if someone in a bubble develops coronavirus symptoms?

All other members of the household bubble will need to self-isolate for 14 days.

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