Star Wars Squadrons Stunning PS4 Gameplay Unveiled

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While very little was revealed about the gameplay in the announcement trailer, we did get a release date to stick in the calendar for later in 2020. Star Wars: Squadrons will be available on PC, Xbox and PS4 and there is a possibility that cross-platform gameplay will also be introduced.

HOTAS owners will be able to enjoy Star Wars: Squadrons on the PC with their hands-on throttle and stick (HOTAS, baby). In this context, Star Wars: Squadrons will not be a game based on online services. The game is set during the aftermath of the second Death Star's destruction and the fall of the Empire post Return of The Jedi. "In the wake of the destruction of the Empire's second Death Star, the Rebel Alliance has reformed into the New Republic".

Star Wars Squadrons' Fleet Mode, what EA calls the game's signature mode, can be played single-player or in multiplayer. These range from aesthetical changes like changing your ship's colour or your character's race to improving the core components of the ship; adding new missiles, a different deflector shield and much more.

EA has commented on whether Star Wars: Squadrons will have microtransactions, and it's good news.

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Sadly, there's no talk of a Nintendo Switch release, although fingers crossed it will get a next-gen upgrade with the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. See the trailer below. "From just a practical design standpoint, if we had third-person, suddenly there's always inherently a competitive advantage with third-person, because you have more peripheral vision".

Rocket Arena, the competitive third-person 3v3 hero shooter that is all about using rockets to literally blow up the competition, will be released on July 14. That means PS4 players can play with those that have an Xbox One or PC copy of the game and vice-versa.

According to Ian Frazier's explanations, Star Wars: Squadrons will not have micro transactions used in in-game purchases, and once players pay $ 40 and have the game, they will encounter a completed game and experience.

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