Paris bans protest planned outside US Embassy — George Floyd death

Credits Borough of Somerville

Credits Borough of Somerville

People "wanted to greet him, wanted to have fun with him", he said. He spoke of restoring trust during a swearing-in ceremony that became a community celebration featuring song, dance and prayer in a center close to where he grew up.

Protesters stirred by the death of George Floyd vowed Friday to turn an extraordinary outpouring of grief into a sustained movement as demonstrations shifted to a calmer, but no less determined, focus on addressing racial injustice.

"Police Officers must enforce - NOT ABUSE - the law", he wrote. All four officers were fired. Will you be calling in three months to ask about garage break-ins? The black officer in that case was convicted of third-degree murder and is serving a 12-and-a-half-year prison term.

The family of George Floyd is teaming up with the Rev. Al Sharpton to hold a march on Washington on August 28 - the 57th anniversary of the civil rights movement's March on Washington - to call for a federal policing equality act, Sharpton announced during a eulogy at Floyd's memorial service in Minneapolis Thursday.

Chauvin is charged with 2nd-degree murder.

Protesters in major cities across the US have spoken out about what they want to come of the demonstrations. He's going to get it. Watching that video told me that this is a level of sociopathic indifference to human life that goes far beyond any supervision issue.

People raise their fists after a memorial service for George Floyd in Minneapolis on Thursday.

Sharpton condemned Trump, who has been widely criticized for his response to Floyd's death and the protests. City records show he had 17 complaints against him, only one of which resulted in discipline. His mother had died two years prior. The officers, Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao, have been charged with aiding and abetting a murder.

Trouble makers will not be welcome, she said. This week she called on police union President Lt.

Low-flying choppers were also used in an apparent show of force above protesters in Washington, DC on Monday night.

Al Sharpton says Floyd family will lead march on Washington in August
Officers Charged in George Floyd's Death Arraigned in Court

Moreover, 52 percent contained messages about rising inequality and unemployment, 8 percent of discussions appeared on Facebook, and a whopping 72 percent "were comments from external influencers (e.g., white nationalists, Russian trolls, Antifa)".

In Minneapolis, where Floyd died in police custody, the city agreed to ban police chokeholds and require officers to intervene any time they see unauthorized force by another officer.

Belton, of the Urban League, called the culture of the department "toxic".

Delivering the eulogy at a memorial service inside a university chapel in Minneapolis, Sharpton said Floyd's fate - dying at the hands of police, pinned to the ground under the knee of a white officer - symbolized a universal experience of police brutality for African Americans.

St. John said police have been monitoring these posts and do not believe they're credible.

Fletcher said he wants to examine whether the police department should be disbanded, saying he believes it's "so broken it can't be fixed". He suggested policing duties could be contracted to other police agencies until changes are in place and Arradondo might be part of that planning. His attorney said he has since been released on the warrant issue. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning.

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Bob Bennett, an attorney who said he has sued the department "hundreds" of times over police misconduct allegations, said Arradondo probably did the best he could, but the union has more sway than chiefs do over police conduct.

"I'm not gonna give up, and we're not gonna give up until this world changes", said Zenzele Isoke in the park where the public gathered to listen to the service. "Hopefully this whole mess will bring about some change".

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His administration would be diverting the $400 million it gave to the World Health Organization each year to other groups, Trump said.

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