NYC Mayor de Blasio's daughter arrested for 'unlawful assembly' during Saturday protest

People help cleanup near businesses damaged

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It will lift the next morning at 5 a.m.

The hours before the 11 p.m. curfew in New York City were characterized by chaos and crime. But perhaps it may be surprising to learn that curfews have been implemented in New York City, even since the 1600s.

New York City police said that almost 730 people have been arrested since protests erupted in the city late last week. Demonstrators are upset about systemic racism and a criminal justice system they argue endangers, ignores, and unfairly targets black people. Video of Floyd's death has been widely shared on social media.

Earlier on Monday, de Blasio said at his daily briefing that he is planning to talk with other officials on a potential curfew in the nation's largest city.

So far, almost 730 people have been arrested by the NYPD since the outbreak of protests in the city last week.

'But what we do know is there is an explicit agenda of violence and it does not conform with the history of this city'. "We will not tolerate attacks on any police officers".

The York Dispatch reported witnesses saw a woman with injuries to her face and her vehicle was damaged.

The doors of Macy's flagship Manhattan store were breached, and police pulled two handcuffed men out and put them in a van. The headline/subhead: "THEY WANT RUIN: De Blasio blasts agitators using protests to destroy".

The mayor on Monday reiterated his stance on violent and destructive behavior in protests, saying they will not be tolerated and the city will "address that very aggressively".

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Sony, meanwhile, is still scheduled to unveil the launch games for the new PlayStation 5, at a streamed event on Thursday, 4 June. Many employees of the Mountain View company are located in the Bay Area , one of the areas affected by the protests.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday turned up the pressure on governors to quell the violence set off by the death of George Floyd, demanding NY call up the National Guard to stop the "lowlifes and losers".

He says "the NYPD and the mayor did not do their job last night". "It is well organized, even though numerous people are associated with the anarchist movement", he said Sunday.

NY was under a curfew that would last until early Tuesday morning, officials said, after looters raided stores in central Manhattan, targeting some of the city's top retailers.

"These protests are going to go on for as long as they need to - a day, a week, a month, a year", she said.

Cuomo, who is frequently at odds with the de Blasio, and vice versa, said he believes the mayor "underestimates the scope of the problem".

"We worked hard to build up the business, and within a second, someone does this", said the owner of a ransacked Manhattan smoke shop, who identified himself only as Harri. "There were thousands of people in that area at that time". The city has been the epicenter of the pandemic in the US with 208,550 cases of coronavirus and at least 21,090 deaths.

Before Trump came out of the White House, riot police and National Guard troops used tear gas and flash grenades to disperse a peaceful protest in a nearby park.

The mayor said he was unaware about his daughter's plans to participate in the protests during a press conference. The police officers are human beings. However, he also urged protestors to honor the curfew.

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