New Leak Shows the Modern iPhone 4 Dream Is Finally Happening

Apple 'Advancing What Only Apple Can Do': Analysts Early Reactions To WWDC 2020

Apple iPhone 12 design revealed by dummy model leak

But cheer up, if you own a pair of AirPods Pro or were thinking about investing, Apple just gave you a reason to cheer. As the AirPods 2 was launched in March 2021, we can likely expect the AirPods 3 to launch in the month of March next year. According to a recent tweet from 9to5Mac, they dissect Kuo's roadmap for the company and how they may go about other products: in this situation, the AirPods version 3. This approach will possibly include selling AirPods at discounted prices, similar to what Samsung usually does alongside its flagship device launches.

Apple is also adding audio switching to AirPods, so you won't need to deal with Bluetooth to connect to your phone if you need to take a call while watching a movie on your iPad.

If you were hoping for the AirPods Studio headphones to make an appearance at WWDC, it looks like you'll be waiting a little longer. Not to mention, the new AirPods would be light in weight as well which would make them more convenient to use and wear during, for example, a workout. The AirPods Pro's accelerometer and gyroscope also come in handy, allowing the processing to track the wearer's head movement and remap the soundfield accordingly so that sound stays consistent and in sync.

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Apple AirPods 3 could feature AirPods Pro like design.

Indeed, we have previously learned that the smallest iPhone 12 is expected to have two rear cameras instead of three. He believes Apple is trying to boost its AirPods sales, given the decline in the second quarter due to COVID-19. AirPods as well, though Apple is unlikely to bring ANC to them.

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