Most Americans admitted that protest situation was out of control

Virus Outbreak Trump

Virus Outbreak Trump

The milestone comes as the nation faces compounding crises wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, soaring unemployment and a wave of protests over racism and police brutality.

Trump was criticized for insufficiently addressing Floyd's death in the immediate aftermath of the killing, and frustration with his response escalated as he increasingly advocated the use of police and military force to stamp out incidents of looting and rioting that accompanied some protests in cities across the country, including in Washington. ".race.and.2020.pdf">CNN poll conducted by SSRS found Trump's approval rating fell seven percentage points from last month, dropping to 38%.

The campaign recently launched a television ad blitz in OH, a state the president carried by eight percentage points four years ago. From May 7-10, Biden's lead was 5 percentage points (51% to 46%).

Though outwardly confident, Mr Trump has complained to advisers about the perception he is losing to Mr Biden, and has pressed aides for strategies to improve his standing.

Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.

The former vice president's biggest advantage against Trump in with the African American community. Trump's aides have been frustrated that the pandemic has allowed Biden to largely stay out of public sight; they believe the gaffe-prone Democrat often damages himself when speaking in public settings.

Tropical Storm Cristobal creeping closer to US Gulf Coast
It appears the remnants of Cristobal will be tracking north-northeast toward the Badger State Tuesday into Tuesday night. Social media Sunday morning showed high water and areas of inundation from southeast Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle.

Now discussions are under way for a renewed effort to attack Mr Biden on several fronts, according to the officials.

Among registered voters polled, 41 percent say they would be more likely to cast their ballots for him compared to the 55 percent of voters who prefer Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

"A lot of Americans know of Joe Biden, but not too many know Joe Biden". "He's sided with the rioters". By contrast, among President Donald Trump's strongest supporters within the Republican Party, 32 per cent said the coronavirus is already contained.

Wall Street Journal poll asked the question "As far as the country is concerned these days, do you generally feel that things in the country are ...", to which 80 percent of respondents chose "out of control" versus 15 percent who chose "under control". "Biden, meanwhile, reached at least 50% in three live interview polls this past week".

"The Trump campaign keeps calling the same play, talking a big game and then getting smoked on the field", said Biden campaign spokesman TJ Ducklo. Friday's trip to ME was the latest White House visit doubling as a campaign stop, following others to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona.

Mr Trump has been hankering for a return to his old mainstay of large-scale rallies this summer.

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