MLB Commish Rob Manfred 'Not Confident' About 2020 Season, Calls Feud 'Disaster'


MLB Commish Rob Manfred 'Not Confident' About 2020 Season, Calls Feud 'Disaster'

Any grievance would center on the players' belief the owners negotiated in "bad faith" and did not live up to the terms of a March 26 agreement in which the commissioner was charged to play as many games as possible. Clark would have to present the latest offer to the union before it can be ratified.

And now, MLB's best player, Mike Trout, is echoing that message to the owners.

Some believe that Manfred is doing all of this pandering as a stall tactic so that the owners can get the 48- or 50-game season that they want, which would likely lead to the grievance being filed by the MLBPA.

Owners, however, focused on a vaguely-worded portion of the agreement which said the sides would have to discuss compensation if games were to be played without fans.

As backward as it seems: Baseball team owners not wanting a baseball season could actually sink MLB in 2020. "Unfortunately, I can't tell you that I'm 100 percent certain that's going to happen".

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Boswell: Don't let Major League Baseball owners cry poor. Major League Baseball officials told the players union about the positive tests in a letter that was obtained by the Associated Press on Monday.

"Unfortunately, over the weekend, while Tony Clark was declaring his desire to get back to work", Manfred told ESPN on Monday, "[Meyer] was out telling reporters, players and eventually getting back to owners that as soon as we issued a schedule - as they requested - they meant to file a grievance claiming they were entitled to an additional billion dollars.

Before that move was revealed, Manfred expressed in an interview on ESPN Radio how he was "not confident" about a season and blamed the union for leading him down the road of cancellation. "Obviously, that sort of bad-faith tactic makes it extremely hard to move forward in these circumstances". Now it is left with a mess.

The possibility of the July 4 restart has come and gone as owners have refused to offer players their full prorated salaries beyond 50 games. If players get a longer season, they'll surely have to agree to an expanded playoff field to give owners a bigger post of gold in postseason money. But details about the latest proposal are emerging. All five of the other leagues - MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL and WNBA - have plans in place to return.

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