Last of Us Part II: Is this the most accessible game ever?

Ellie in The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us Ellie Nendoroid Will Appear in November 2020

Set in a post-apocalyptic USA, The Last of Us: Part II (Review) follows now grown up Ellie as she sets on a new adventure.

The Last of Us Part 2's sales are outpacing Spider-Man just three days after launch, and the game is the biggest launch of 2020 so far. "This is the first time I've done a collab like this", she said. How does it stack up to the original game by comparison and what is The Last of Us Part 2 game length from start to finish?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons previously held the title for the biggest United Kingdom boxed launch this year, but this was also toppled by The Last Of Us Part 2 by a 40% margin.

According to the report by Gamesindustry, Naughty Dog's latest PS4 game is Sony's fastest-selling release this generation, 1% above Uncharted 4: A Thief's End in 2016.

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"For the first time in my entire life, I was able to sit back on the couch and play the game without any barriers getting in the way." he says.

In recent years, a willingness by major developers such as Ubisoft to incorporate accessibility into the early stages of big-budget game design has helped push the subject forward.

The Last of Us Part II features a tonne of easter eggs and details that are easy to miss on a single playthrough. While it's not a 10/10 masterpiece or the best PS4 exclusive, it's still a good game when playing as Ellie. The result is a stunning collision of two cultures that will excite both the huge followings of The Last of Us and music fans everywhere.

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