Johnson and Johnson announces human trials for COVID-19 vaccine in July

Johnson and Johnson announces human trials for COVID-19 vaccine in July

Leiden coronavirus vaccine trial brought forward to July

European officials aim to speed up trials for coronavirus vaccines containing genetically modified organisms, two EU sources told Reuters, in a move that could help shots developed by companies like AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. The selection qualifies Moderna to receive federal government funding to continue development of vaccine, conduct tests, as well as scale up manufacturing to meet the goal of beginning to inoculate 300 million people beginning early next year. The two shots have been given to more than 2,000 people in clinical trials.

The company informed via a press release that they have been able to further accelerate the clinical development of the investigational SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, Ad26.COV2-S, recombinant.

Worldwide, about a dozen COVID-19 potential vaccines are in early stages of testing.

One of the other five leading vaccine candidates was developed partly by another MA company, Cambridge-based Moderna.

The vaccine candidate, called BBIBP-CorV, induced high-level neutralizing antibodies that can block the virus from infecting cells in monkeys, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits, researchers said in a paper published online by the medical journal Cell on Saturday.

Moderna Inc is at the forefront of Covid-19 vaccine development and has started testing its candidate in a mid-stage trial that will enroll 600 patients. "With respect to the timing, if all goes well, we might have the first doses of the vaccine in Europe, and of course in Italy, by autumn-winter", he said. On Wednesday, Johnson & Johnson said it would begin early trials of its COVID-19 vaccine in the second half of July, ahead of its previous schedule to begin testing in September. The firm is repurposing its hypertension vaccine that had already passed high safety and regulatory standards.

The Study That Condemned Hydroxychloroquine Has Been Retracted
The WHO said on 3 June that it would resume its trials after halting them last month. The trial immediately stopped using the drug.

The company plans to test the vaccine in high-transmission regions within the United States.

AS the global race to develop novel coronavirus vaccines intensifies, the pertinent question is, will countries like Malaysia get their fair share of any commercial vaccine for Covid-19.

The experimental vaccine is one of five that the Trump administration has said is the most likely to succeed.

Moderna Fully Stocked: The company also said it has sufficient stock of vaccine needed to start the Phase 3 study.

A lot will depend on how much virus is circulating at that time, he said. He added that Lilly is also doing preclinical studies of a third antibody treatment for coronavirus that could enter human clinical trials in the coming weeks. Remdesivir is the first drug to show improvement in human trials.

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