How to Enable Chat Bubbles in Android 11

Android 11 beta is now available for One Plus 8 devices

Android 11 has a cool notification feature the iPhone should totally steal

Android 11 Beta is already available for development, testing, and feedback, and users with Pixel 2, 3, 3a, or 4 devices can try it right now.

The initial beta does not have all of the features of Android 11, but there are nonetheless plenty of interesting functionalities to explore. This time around, the beta brings issues for the Google Pay app, showing a "Your phone is no longer ready for contactless payments" error when setting it up for the first time after installing Android 11 Beta 1. It is a nicely-known app with more than 100,000 reviews on Google Engage in, so it should really be worth putting in, even if it is just until finally Google updates Google Digicam with support for the greater file limit.

Android 11 will also prevent apps from requesting access to background location information via system dialogs but, instead, will required apps to request background location separately via a dedicated settings page. Android 11 has added a media control center in the notification bar, where you can quickly connect with other devices, such as Pixel Buds. Now, Google is opening up Stadia to include more Android phones. You'll get an over-the-air update, and soon you'll be experiencing the heady delights of Android 11.

Android 11 will automatically add all the notifications that come from text messages to the Conversations menu, and that's the first category you'll see when you check your notifications. You can find more information here.

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Word from other manufacturers about Beta support will follow suit, with the likes of LG, Nokia, and more assumed to join the party - if support for the Android Q beta is anything to go by, anyway. But grouping instant messaging notifications under a single tab that gets top placement in the notification screen is definitely something to consider. This will allow you to control external devices, such as smart devices.

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