Google Says You Shouldn't Hold Your Breath for Android 11 Beta

Google isn't sharing any specifics on the new Android 11 beta ETA

Google isn't sharing any specifics on the new Android 11 beta ETA

To give you the rundown, in the future when we're all running Android 11 and this feature is available, when you long press on the power button a new menu will pop-up - different from the existing Power Off, Restart, Emergency menu we have today.

This is most likely the company showing solidarity with those affected by the events transpiring in NY, where riots what broken out in protest of the alleged killing of George Floyd.

Sony, meanwhile, is still scheduled to unveil the launch games for the new PlayStation 5, at a streamed event on Thursday, 4 June.

Android 11 is set to have several interesting additions including battery share, native screen recording, bubbles, live transcribe and more.

A tweet from the company's Android Developers account said that "now is not the time to celebrate".

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While the reason for the delay is unclear in the tweet, it is all due to protests, looting, and fires stemming from the response of certain groups to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. The initial Google I/O May 12 to May 14 occasion was terminated completely, because of COVID-19 With it, the expected Android 11 Beta launch changed right into a 4th Developer Preview construct of the OS.

Google and Sony have both been contacted by BBC News for comment. Google announced that it would come back with more information.

Earlier, the launch announcement was supposed to happen this month, i.e.

As you can see, the search giant hasn't shared any specifics as to why it chose to push back the release of the first Android 11 beta, but on the other hand, figuring out what happened really isn't rocket science. Many employees of the Mountain View company are located in the Bay Area, one of the areas affected by the protests. Beta 2 was focused at Platform stability and Beta 3 was about releasing candidate builds for final testing. Here's wishing we reach see those, along with the Beta Launch Show faster instead of later on.

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