Android 11 beta is now available, and here's how to get it

Android 11 Beta is live: What's new and how to download it now

Oppo Confirms ColorOS Android 11 Beta Arrives This Month With The Find X2 Smartphone

These are some Android phones that will get the Android 11 beta soon. Which of these features appeals to you?

Now, if you want, and have one of the two eligible smartphones, you can download the Android 11 beta onto your smartphone and see how Google's newest operating system runs on your OnePlus phone, ahead of its "official" roll-out likely towards the end of 2020.

The Google blog post notes that Android is aiming to be more people-centric and expressive with the new beta.

Till date, users only had the option to either give app permissions either all the time or deny it altogether. Xiaomi and Poco (which is sort of like saying Xiaomi and Xiaomi, to be fair) have announced that Android 11 betas will be coming with MIUI versions on the Xiaomi Mi 10 series and the Poco F2 Pro-and Oppo has made a similar announcement.

In addition to opening access to more handsets, Google has also released a touchscreen based virtual game controller allowing smartphone gamers to play games without having to connect a Stadia game controller to the phone. The method involves downloading the OTA image (links above), rebooting the device to recovery mode, and flashing the zip file using 'adb sideload ota-package ' command.

GIF Google
GIF Google

Device controls can now be access by long-pressing the power button. Permissions will now also auto-reset if an app hasn't been used for an extended period of time, which is certainly useful given how apps often change their feature sets through successive updates. This changes in Android 11 wherein the tiny tweak will not interrupt your music playing experience on a Bluetooth headset or a speaker which is connected to your smartphone. We'll have more opt-in programs in the future as we look to bring even more helpful features to you.

Regarding security updates, the users' data will be encrypted right after the device reboots following an OTA update, without requiring them to input their credentials. This is good if you need an app to access the information for a task but don't want it idling away in the background tracking you.

Android 11 will focus on "people, controls, and privacy", but not all of the new features will be immediately apparent to the user. Then select "System", then "System Update" and finally "Check for updates". This can be any Pixel phone from 2 to 4XL. No matter how buggy the betas are, or how fast the battery on your Pixel drains, you can not return to Android 10 unless you completely wipe your device by performing a factory reset. You can now enroll for the Android 11 public beta.

And if you are an owner of a modern Pixel, we'd recommend adhering to the old Jurassic Park motto: just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

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