Paycheck Protection Program resuming to help small businesses across US

House Passes Paycheck Protection Program Expansion: $310B Boost To Small Biz

Congress Approves Additional Job Protection Funding Under CARES Act - STN Media

In a statement to The Post, a spokesperson for Citi said, "Citi is committed to supporting small businesses and has been pleased to participate in the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection (PPP) program".

The interim emergency spending bill comes as the USA continues to grapple with the coronavirus crisis, and as state governors begin considering when to reopen their economies. The latest amendment has been the third time SBA has changed the eligibility criteria, tweaking the program in a way that covers the most people possible. "Ruth's Chris's walk-back can not undo the lost opportunities, lost time value of money, and unnecessary stress incurred by these small businesses and their owners". There are also provisions to help some money reach rural, minority and women-owned small businesses, and a portion is earmarked for small- and mid-sized banks.

Pritzker on Saturday said those critics don't understand how income taxes work.

"Quantum qualifies for the PPP, which allows businesses in the Computer Storage Device Manufacturing industry with fewer than 1,250 employees to obtain loans of up to $10 million to allow companies to continue to employ their workers as they manage the business disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic", the spokesperson said. That's after relaxing the initial PPP rule, which prevented businesses from accessing PPP loans if they received more than 33 percent of revenue from gaming.

The governor, a Democrat, said he is "very concerned" about how hard it has been for small businesses to access the program "because it is really the small businesses in our state that create most of the jobs". The funds go to private commercial banks that in turn make loans available to businesses.

The NTRA has been lobbying the SBA for this updated guidance for several weeks.

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Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida tweeted on Monday that "any company that doesn't need a PPP loan but got one made a false representation".

Burger chain Shake Shack earlier this week became the first public company to say it will return the funds now, rather than pay back the loan over time.

The company's social media feeds, including Twitter and Facebook, were subject to numerous comments from critics calling for a boycott due to its $20 million loan.

According to The Associated Press, new guidelines from the SBA "require companies to certify with their lender that they need the loan and can not access the money from other sources".

Meanwhile, the American Gaming Association has emerged as the leading national trade group that represents a whopping $261 billion United States casino industry that extends support to approximately 1.8 million jobs all across the country.

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